Pink himalayan crystal salt -300gm

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Creative Nature’s Pink Himalayan Crystal Salt comes from ancient caves, deep in the Himalayan mountain range. It is salt in its purest form, unharmed by toxins or pollutants

Completely different to the sodium chloride (table salt) that most of us are used to, this nutrient rich, natural salt contains all 84 elements found in the human body!

Suggested Uses

Sprinkle me on a plate and dip cucumber sticks and tomato in me!
Try seasoning your homemade, skin-on, low oil chips with me
Rub me around the rim of a Tequilla Sunrise* Glass

*only if you are 18, enjoy a tipple every now and then and drink responsibly

Making Sole (so-lay)
Dissolve a handful of Pink Himalayan Crystal Salt in a litre of water. Add more salt until the solution is saturated and then kepp in the fridge. Every day add 1 teaspoon (3g) of your sole solution to a glass of water and let the magic happen

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  • Salt in its purest form, unharmed by toxins or pollutants – no additives or preservatives, all natural!
  • Supports normal thyroid function and healthy metabolism
  • Contains all 84 trace minerals found in the human body


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